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About us

At Gideon, we're crafting the future of logistics, manufacturing & other industrial environments with cutting-edge AI and 3D vision-based autonomous robots. Our team of 80+ exceptional individuals is committed to automating complex operations, allowing people to shine in what they do best. 

If you're ready to join us and be part of this journey, read on!

Our team, based in Croatia and US, consists of 80+ super-talented people, including top-notch experts in the field of hardware and software engineering, and is devoted to developing robots with a mission of making people's work easier. 
We are an ambitious group of tech enthusiasts with different backgrounds, skills, and experiences, very excited and passionate about what we do! And above all, we cherish team spirit, constant learning and kindness. There is much more to learn, so we hope this piqued your curiosity! 
Haven't found a job you were looking for? You can still apply and this is how...

Please use this form to submit your open application for a job, internship, or any other form of cooperation.

Focus on your resume and try to put in it whatever you think is relevant because this is the first piece of information we'll see about you. Try to include as much information as possible to highlight your skills and achievements.

Suggestions on things we would love to see in a job application:

  • List of experiences you have or projects you’ve worked on or managed. What were the results or the outcome? How did you measure success? 
  • If you're a recent university graduate or have limited work experience, include school-related projects or coursework that demonstrate relevant skills and knowledge
  • Show us some of the code you worked on by providing Github, Bitbucket, or a similar links

Tools that we use on a company level:


Office 365
MS Teams​

Steps in the selection process:


Tell us about your experiences and interests, and we will tell you more about the position, about our team and Gideon as a whole. We cherish the individual approach to every candidate and we are always curious to hear how we fit into your plans!

Technical Assessment

This stage will show you how the actual job will look like and how you fit in. You will get an insight into technical details by completing the technical task and discussion with one of our senior experts.

Final   interview

The final step is a more in-depth conversation where you will get a full picture of how your work in Gideon would look like and what kind of culture we cherish.


If all goes well, this is when we send you the offer with the information and details about compensation, vacation policy, benefits plan and all the other working details.

If we already managed to spark your interest, you can apply even now

But the best things are yet to come if you continue to read on :)

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What do we offer and what can you expect once you join us?

Benefits for Croatian employees

Flexible and remote work

Meal-subsidy program

Kindergarten allowance/Tourist voucher

Health check-ups

Supplementary and additional health insurance

Fully paid sick-leave

Christmas & Easter bonus

Baby bonus

Internal upskilling

Outstanding R&D team

Friendly and supportive environment

Testing & Manufacturing halls

Latest tech & tools

Regular feedback

Benefits for US employees

Health insurance (Medical, Dental & Vision)

Addition medical options for employees

Health savings account & Flexible spending account  

Retirement fund – 401(k)

Paid annual leave of at least 22 days

Paid leave for important personal reasons

Fully paid sick-leave

Maternity leave

Paid holidays

Christmas bonus

Internet/mobile allowance